Our targets are changed for each and every competition.  We take pride in providing excelent competition environments that you can excel in using reliable Promatic traps which are well maintained! No eye sight tests, nothing silly, just a little bit of belly target for good measure.

Steve Lovatt sets all our courses and with over 15 years experience on all kinds of terrain, he knows how to get the best out of you and keeps you coming back for more.

The shoots are designed to be exciting yet demanding, but the quality combined with the variety of targets on offer will always make our shoots fun and entertaining.  Whether you’re a novice C class shooter or a crack shot AA rated Olympic shooter – you’ll find that our national CPSA registered competitions are well organised, balanced and great fun providing both challenge and reward in equal measure.

Catering is available at all our shoots as are facilities and car parking .


All our Sunday Shoots provide catering –  Indulge in one of our Full English Breakfasts or Breakfast rolls, alternatively grab a freshly prepared Salad Rolls for a light yet fulfilling lunch. Hot and cold beverages are available throughout the day!

Our Westfield & Windrush grounds also serves Jacket Potato and Tasty Pies from 11.30am for a hot and tasty treat!

Shoot Competition or Birds Only

To book your place simply turn up at the ground on the day between the displayed entry times – normally 10am to 2pm  (Weston Wood Oct-Jan is 9.30am to 1.30pm).

We are proud to say our Birds Only contingent on most shoot days doesn’t exceed 15-20% so our pot is usually bountiful making competition shooting worthwhile.

Results are sent out via our website and Facebook page on Sunday night following the shoot. No need to delay, you can see FULL results.

We try to make our grounds as accessible as possible to cater for those less able and our staff are always on hand to help out! The grounds and equipment are maintained to the highest standard giving you the most enjoyable shoot!

25 Bird Sportrap Pool Shoot

We host a 25 Bird Sportrap pool shoot at our Garlands and Westfield grounds during the Registered Sunday shoots and alongside our larger events.  These comprise of long bird challenges to allow you to practice before heading out for the registered shoot, or wind down after. Great way to practice and compete along side friends or take the change to win the high gun prize!

Any queries and for more information please email us: info@theclayshootingcompany.com or call us on: 07467 226926