The Sporting Competition is running across three days

150 Targets -Two 75 Target Layouts – £85

First Squad out at 9am – Last Squad out at 12:12pm

Two squads start every 8 minutes

Day 1 – Friday 31st May 2019 – Click here to Book

Day 2 – Saturday 1st June 2019 – Click here to Book

Day 3 – Sunday 2nd June 2019 – Click here to Book

Below are the Start times and squad numbers across the three days


Start Time Squad Number Squad Number

Friday 31st May  – 09:00

1 Red – Overview

T Lanouhe
F Laurent
B Phillipe
R Jean Christophe
J Smith
D Morgan
T Hatton

26 Blue – Overview

K Spear
S Williams
J England
K Walker
T Pearce
P Middleton
D Walwen

Friday 31st May  – 09:08

2 Red – Overview

P Gregory
V Gregory
M Shepherd
J Abey
C Avery
S Trout
J Wade

27 Blue – Overview

M Myers
N Harrison
P Heywood
P Rees
A Holt
D Fisher
L Llewellin

Friday 31st May  – 09:16 3 Red – Overview

K Skinner
C Bloss
A Rowe
M Howes
D Moon
A Moon
J Monsheimer

28 Blue – Overview

W Haupt
J Ogden
5 Spaces Availabl

Friday 31st May  – 09:24 4 Red – Overview

A Swaine
P Dickman
S Varney
G Goldthorpe
L Mondesir
A Mondesir
R Trevthen

29 Blue – Overview

M Gamble
P Brown
J Bradley-Day
M Hibbert
C Bedet
C Bedet + One
C Carden

Friday 31st May  – 09:32 5 Red – Overview

G Franklin
S Halsey
W Reve
S James
R Bruce
J Carlyle
L Pickard

30 Blue – Overview

P Brown
S Ball
P Underill
B Mills
C Kelly
S Oxenham
1 Space Available

Friday 31st May  – 09:40 6 Red – Overview

D Bishop
J Askew
G Spalding
N Spiers
J Bishop
2 spaces available

31 Blue – Overview

C Young
M Elliot
T Roberts
D Neal
G Horne
M Hawkes
J Sheddon

Friday 31st May  – 09:48 7 Red – Overview

C Fraser
C J Frasee
T Bell
G Keys
D Caldwell
L Greenhowe
R Archibald

32 Blue – Overview

S Boal
S Rudsdale
A Gribbin
J Armstrong
M Holmes
F Whitehurst
A Cork

Friday 31st May  – 09:56 8 Red – Overview

Alex Head
Andy Head
R King
M Howe
W Maher
J Baker
T Baker

33 Blue – Overview

D Roberts
H Gizzi
C Vickers
D Lidbetter
C Durkin
A Armstrong
M Finn

Friday 31st May  – 10:04 9 Red – Overview

S Greed
D Sheldrake
M Cobold
C Lowrie
D Stanford
S Mackay
T Claydon

34 Blue – Overview

P Finney
C Smith
S White
J Sole
P Skillen
G Farmer
J Wright

Friday 31st May  – 10:12 10 Red – Overview

A Gurney
C Beenham
K Holdsworth
R Left
G Left
D Russell
A Russell

35 Blue – Overview

B H Johannessen
J S Haakedal
H Hawker
K Vernan
M Poulton
J Thirlwell
H Hancroft

Friday 31st May  – 10:20 11 Red – Overview

A Dalgleish
N Vadasz
K Johnston
A Sharp
S West
S Watling
E Sharp

36 Blue – Overview

J Howe
L Phillips
I Whomse
I Gunn
T Johnson
S Crutchfield
B Smith

Friday 31st May  – 10:28 12 Red – Overview

D Ward
B Allman
D Heath
R Toth
D Moulds
M Hobbs
K Doherty

37 Blue – Overview

S Cresswell
M Pitt
L Pitt
G Thomas
L Russell
S Williams
P Harper

Friday 31st May  – 10:36 13 Red – Overview

M Walsh
S Kidd
R Harrison
A Russell
M Wersel
C Tolley
M McGregor

38 Blue – Overview

G Hamilton
G Thompson
I Radley
D Tomlinson
D McNulty
J Smith
K Barrowman

Friday 31st May  – 10:44 14 Red – Overview

Nigel Lacey
A Fearn
B Meadows
R Thompson
B Pointon
A James
J Hickman

39 Blue – Overview

G Edward
J Stokes
N Williamson
J Mitchell
J Wells
O Bradshaw
E Nelson
3 Spaces Availabl

Friday 31st May  – 10:52 15 Red – Overview

P Foster
A Jones
I Cunliffe
P Lloyd
G Davies
D Dumelow
I Rice

40 Blue – Overview

D Adams
J Griffiths
S Manwaring
T Hill
C Hill
J Pile
M Williams

Friday 31st May  – 11:00 16 Red – Overview

J Preece
J White
A White
J Elliott
M Latham
M Allan
P Jarvis

41 Blue – Overview

C Jago
J Eley
K Walsh
P Mylam
R Eley
D Pryse
D Bales

Friday 31st May  – 11:08 17 Red – Overview

M Dyer
A Bryne
D Shoemark
K Brown
J Webber
D Kidner

42 Blue – Overview

E Rees
B Lewis
L Thomas
D Parsons
R James
P Hayland
1 Spaces Availabl

Friday 31st May  – 11:16 18 Red – Overview

A Tyte
C Norman
M Bedford
J Bailey
C Nunn
M Smith
A Stronge

43 Blue – Overview

G Moore
I Piggott
R Allen
T Leonard
G Darton
V Elder
1 Space Availabl

Friday 31st May  – 11:24 19 Red – Overview

J Heley
M Hayward
W Rauch
S Rowland
R Pesticcio
A Morris
J Hoddinott

44 Blue – Overview

J Ellender
J Bonnett
A Bonnett
M Lyes
W Wood
2 Spaces Availabl

Friday 31st May  – 11:32 20 Red – Overview

N Lane
M Pattison
D Hulme
A Clifton
B Elmore
D Ferriman
1 Space Availabl

45 Blue – Overview

S Lill
S Mitchell
J Gott
D Jasper
J Robinson
K Roe
1 Space Availabl

Friday 31st May  – 11:40 21 Red – Overview

P Dobson
D Hughes
G Bell
M Harker
M McCourt
J Devlin
L Barza

46 Blue – Overview

A Watson
C King
B Harknett
R Harknett
J Boardman
F Cruickshank
S Walton

Friday 31st May  – 11:48 22 Red – Overview

A Gott
G Rice
A Kettlewood
B Kettlewood
J Mather
C Barton
1 Spaces Availabl

47 Blue – Overview

S Stacey
E Stacey
J Smith
D Alder
J Downs
2 Spaces Availabl

Friday 31st May  – 11:56 23 Red – Overview

D Hart
W Lyon
P Newell
E Ashton
G Wilson
C Edwards
P McMillan

48 Blue – Overview

B Pritchett
S Pritchett
A Leggett
C Hodgson
P Woolston
2 spaces available

Friday 31st May  – 12:04 24 Red – Overview

N Eynon
W Thatcher
F Mattinson
M Bridge
J Moore
A Neath
D Wozencroft

49 Blue – Overview

R Young
J Bennett
5 Spaces Availabl

Friday 31st May  – 12:12 25 Red – Overview

D McBride
A Higgs
S Hopper
D Gale
G Humes
L Sperling
1 Space Availabl

50 Blue – Overview

S Pinker
A Pratt
M Truckle
S Willis
M Hall
J Billington
P Skelton

Saturday 1st June  – 09:00 76 Red – Overview

B Woodard
J Tromans
M Butcher
A Hawkins
G Tromans
A Deeks
S Fowler

51 Blue – Overview

N Dowdall
D O’Connor
P Brockley
T Bott
J Brockley
D Elliot
R Mason

Saturday 1st June – 09:08

77 Red – Overview

G Robins
S Smith
R Martin
A Martin
M Goldsworthy
S Hunter
M Stevens

52 Blue – Overview

W Marsh
6 Spaces Availabl

Saturday 1st June – 09:16 78 Red – Overview

D Isaac
L Bushby
P Simpson
B Dunbavin
3 Spaces Availabl

53 Blue – Overview

A Kerner
6 Spaces Availabl

Saturday 1st June – 09:24 79 Red – Overview

J Hudson
P Curran
J Allaway
D Park
A Tomlinson
B Woollard
1 Spaces Availabl

54 Blue – Overview

7 Spaces Available

Saturday 1st June – 09:32 80 Red – Overview

B Blake
M Walker
J Dean
R Swainson
3 Spaces Availabl

55 Blue – Overview

B Husthwaite
S Lagoudis
T Walker
T Massey
B Hildonnen
M Richmond
M Williams

Saturday 1st June – 09:40 81 Red – Overview

7 Spaces Available

56 Blue – Overview

S Collingwood
D Symes
L Haines
4 Spaces Availabl

Saturday 1st June – 09:48 82 Red – Overview

7 Spaces Available

57 Blue – Overview

7 Spaces Available

Saturday 1st June – 09:56 83 Red – Overview

G M Heath
T Howell
T W Howell
T Collier
B Howell
S Durow
1 Space Availabl

58 Blue – Overview

S Leonard
T Richards
5 Spaces Availabl

Saturday 1st June – 10:04 84 Red – Overview

S Dooley
N Hastilow
J Carlyle
J Watson
J Hannah
L Taylor
1 Space Availabl

59 Blue – Overview

T Costello
A P Wright
S Green
C Mobley
J Kaminski
P Kaminski
M Grigg

Saturday 1st June – 10:12 85 Red – Overview

D Bishop
6 Spaces Availabl

60 Blue – Overview

J Bowling
D Harris
A Heron
C Smith
R Gant
P Chantry
R Mumby

Saturday 1st June – 10:20 86 Red – Overview

M Crossland
D Drewery
C Taylor
B Gamble
M Gregory
2 Spaces Availabl

61 Blue – Overview

I Spencer
S Gower
M Evason
Pete Morewood
Sal Morewood
T Oliver
1 Space Availabl

Saturday 1st June – 10:28 87 Red – Overview

J Holden
W Wilson
L Noke
4 Spaces Availabl

62 Blue – Overview

A Johnston
P Bloomfield
D Whieldon
A Salt
M Carson
L Grayson
S R Hurt

Saturday 1st June – 10:36 88 Red – Overview

D Rollason
R Scurr
A Roe
R Arnold
S Williams
D Thompson
1 Spaces Available

63 Blue – Overview

7 Spaces Available

Saturday 1st June – 10:44 89 Red – Overview

A Johnson
M Fletcher
S Usher
J Mclean
M Hance
M Jones
S Foley

64 Blue – Overview

R Johnson
W Hendrick
J T Simms
R Johnson
3 Spaces Availabl

Saturday 1st June – 10:52 90 Red – Overview

T Henshaw
M Warren
P Revere
J Read
J Wilson
P Rowbottom
1 Space Availabl

65 Blue – Overview

7 Spaces Available

Saturday 1st June – 11:00 91 Red – Overview

M Litten
E Charles
D Litten
S Tomlinson
J Nicholas
M Hermitage
F Burnell

66 Blue – Overview

M Nicoloso
F Priesching
C Bloxham
L Riddington
T Riddington
A Hannah
N Scott

Saturday 1st June – 11:08 92 Red – Overview

D Martin
R Whiteley
D Clarke
S Butler
3 Spaces Availabl

67 Blue – Overview

P F Shuttleworth
A Miles
K Miles
E Waite
M Wintle
G Beard
P Patch

Saturday 1st June – 11:16 93 Red – Overview

J Thomas
M Thomas
R Hill
S Billinghurst
S Davies
2 Spaces Availabl

68 Blue – Overview

S Lobley
N Faulkner
R Markham
M Russell
S Locke
J Gilder
A Coulson

Saturday 1st June – 11:24 94 Red – Overview

P Smith
P Batchelor
W Batchelor
P Telley
W Harris
M Papworth
C Dury

69 Blue – Overview

M Chiakli
J Booth
D Watkinson
L Clements
S Pinch
J Severn
1 Space Availabl

Saturday 1st June – 11:32 95 Red – Overview

J Anderson
S Head
M Melloway
4 Spaces Availabl

70 Blue – Overview

C Childerhouse
J Galland
J Pittard
P Thomas
D Duval
C Cousins
A Bovingdon

Saturday 1st June – 11:40 96 Red – Overview

S Harrup
P Harrup
S Page
J Heeley
M Grimble
2 spaces available

71 Blue – Overview

S Rudling
J Young
M Young
J Brightman
G Digweed
P Crumpton
1 Spaces Availabl

Saturday 1st June – 11:48 97 Red – Overview

7 Spaces Available

72 Blue – Overview

P Woolston
R Deacon
J Mcguire
M Ingate
3 Spaces Availabl

Saturday 1st June – 11:56 98 Red – Overview

D Jobson
P Atkin
T Yeomans
D Nash
R Nash
S Davis
1 Spaces Availabl

73 Blue – Overview

N Waterman
B Boon
M Knapman
J Knapman
R A Jones
I Stephenson
I Molesworth

Saturday 1st June – 12:04 99 Red – Overview

P Wilson
D Sutton
M Patlin
A Loving
J Bennett
R Young
P Ford

74 Blue – Overview

N Portlock
L Newman
G Pendelton
D Brown
K Childs
R Wise
R Brenton

Saturday 1st June – 12:12 100 Red – Overview

K Turner
B Turner
A Jennings
M Wintle
P Warren
S Holt
C Holt

75 Blue – Overview

W Fenner
S Fenner
J Williams
S Hardwick
N Lockton
2 spaces available

Sunday 2nd June – 09:00 101 Red – Overview

J Buckenham
T Cooper
K Cooper
S Tynan
D Neale
2 Spaces Availabl

126 Blue – Overview

7 Spaces Available

Sunday 2nd June – 09:08

102 Red – Overview

R Bunning
K Hagan
M Goddard
4 Spaces Availabl

127 Blue – Overview

7 Spaces Available

Sunday 2nd June – 09:16 103 Red – Overview

7 Spaces Available

128 Blue – Overview

7 Spaces Available

Sunday 2nd June – 09:24 104 Red – Overview

7 Spaces Available

129 Blue – Overview

7 Spaces Available

Sunday 2nd June – 09:32 105 Red – Overview

T Wade
G Baines
R Kitch
R Morrell
D Whyte
2 Spaces Availabl

130 Blue – Overview

S Cox
J Freeman
J Whitton
P Cooper
A Gibbens
C Broomfield
1 Spaces Availabl

Sunday 2nd June – 09:40 106 Red – Overview

L Fisher
B Walker
L Goldfinch
S Wyper
D Varnish
2 Spaces Availabl

131 Blue – Overview

1 Space Available

Sunday 2nd June – 09:48 107 Red – Overview

J Mills
P Freeman
D Drake
T Mills
J Hufton
2 Spaces Availabl

132 Blue – Overview

S Pullen
D Owen
P Regular
O Williams
3 Spaces Availabl

Sunday 2nd June – 09:56 108 Red – Overview

M Bucklass
P Cantrill
B Eccles
4 Spaces Availabl

133 Blue – Overview

A Price
D Walker
J Smallman
S Owen
P Hawthorne
D Young
1 Space Availabl

Sunday 2nd June – 10:04 109 Red – Overview

D J Shipton
P Jowett
R Atkins
G Davidson
3 Spaces Availabl

134 Blue – Overview

M Lee
J Lee
B Woollard
J Gornall
P Clarke
A Russell
S Ogston

Sunday 2nd June – 10:12 110 Red – Overview

J Grice
R Grice
M Scott
A Bavington
N Rock
G Kirby
F Kirby

135 Blue – Overview

R Potts
D Wincott
B Whitehouse
J Whitehouse
A Griffin
B Malecki
P Richings

Sunday 2nd June – 10:20 111 Red – Overview

S Hewlett
A Bluett
A Thomas
B Baxter
M Holland
R W Rolfe
G Jones

136 Blue – Overview

K Young
K Howell
V Harcourt
S Teversham
W Schofield
P Ashworth
1 Spaces Available

Sunday 2nd June – 10:28 112 Red – Overview

S Fryer
N Gilder
P Critchley
R Newsham
P Molyneaux
J Hand
B Hand

137 Blue – Overview

M Winser
M Winser
T Lowe
4 Spaces Availabl

Sunday 2nd June – 10:36 113 Red – Overview

K Wan
D Gooding
G Patrick
D Claxton
C Biddlecombe
T Shayle
R Burcher

138 Blue – Overview

S Bridges
6 Spaces Availabl

Sunday 2nd June – 10:44 114 Red – Overview

R Meredith
6 Spaces Available

139 Blue – Overview

A Blackbourn
6 Spaces Availabl

Sunday 2nd June – 10:52 115 Red – Overview

7 Spaces Available

140 Blue – Overview

I Cox
P Bastable
D Palmer
F Calton
R Calton
F Barker
M Ingate

Sunday 2nd June – 11:00 116 Red – Overview

M Pennington
M Fryer
A Corney
W Pennington
S Hallwood
I Hallwood
1 space available

141 Blue – Overview

S Barnett
G Robinson
J Savage
P Jones
A Dorman
B Rimmer
E Wilkinson

Sunday 2nd June – 11:08 117 Red – Overview

J Oldham
D Rhodes
R Walker
T Walker
N Oldham
T Oldham
C Lavery

142 Blue – Overview

J Orchard
S Brightwell
L Cookson
H Collins
3 Spaces Available

Sunday 2nd June – 11:16 118 Red – Overview

T Thornett
L Thornett
S Whitwell
D Webb
T Hoskins
S Hoskins
1 Spaces Availabl

143 Blue – Overview

7 Spaces Available

Sunday 2nd June – 11:24 119 Red – Overview

T A Simmons
T M Tweedy
S J Duggan
L Maud
J Stott
2 Spaces Availabl

144 Blue – Overview

C Hopkins
R Harrison
M Jones
J Keeble
P Humphries
2 Spaces Availabl

Sunday 2nd June – 11:32 120 Red – Overview

L Cartwright
R O’Brien
N Chambers
P Griffiths
R Claybrook
2 Spaces Availabl

145 Blue – Overview

P Simpson
S Armstrong
E Murrell
J Mills
A Harvey
2 Spaces Availabl

Sunday 2nd June – 11:40 121 Red – Overview

G Thompson
I Greenleaf
J Greenleaf
N Gilder
V Blandford-Corp
S Clarke
R Holmes

146 Blue – Overview

M Rigby
W Hughes
J Wells
S Wells
R Kibble
R Kibble
1 Spaces Availabl

Sunday 2nd June – 11:48 122 Red – Overview

7 Spaces Available

147 Blue – Overview

7 Spaces Available

Sunday 2nd June – 11:56 123 Red – Overview

P Simpson
T Faulds
R Faulds
R Dawson
A Harvison
2 Spaces Availabl

148 Blue – Overview

J Stanton
J Munday
M Virgo
4 Spaces Availabl

Sunday 2nd June – 12:04 124 Red – Overview

B Blandford-Corp
T Hedgecock
A Hedgecock
4 Space Availabl

149 Blue – Overview

A Moss
R Birchall
J Shreeve
J Jones
3 Spaces Availabl

Sunday 2nd June – 12:12 125 Red – Overview

A Tibbles
M Taylor
E Kelly
O Gooderham
C Sayer
C Worby
1 Space Availabl

150 Blue – Overview

D Harley
P A Wilson
S Trow
C Daniels
A Salt
J Attwood
N Noke