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AIA Grand Prix Full Results

Anglo Italian Arms
Download PDF • 590KB

Thank you to everyone who attended the AIA Grand Prix, superb atmosphere at the ground, and congratulations to Phill Gray who had the over highest score with 195/200. Full Results can be found in the link above.

Big thanks to Matthew Panter for his involvement in this shoot , Anglo Italian Arms for providing the terrific guns for first in each class & Fiocchi Uk cartridges.

Anglo Italian Arms - Winners

AAA 1st P Gray Summit Gun 2nd S Green £100 + 250 carts 3rd R Faulds £70 + 250 carts P Thomas £70 + 250 carts 5th R King £40 + 250 carts 6th J Lee 250 carts J Moore 250 carts

AA 1st R Draper Summit Gun 2nd J Sole £100 + 250 carts 3rd J Bowling £60+250 carts A Dean £60 + 250 carts M Nicholson £60+250 6th P Rowbottom 250 carts 7th B Woollard 250 carts

A 1st T Curtis Summit Gun 2nd D Heath £100 +250 carts 3rd P Dobson £80 + 250 carts 4th S Shuckford £60 + 250 carts 5th G Cooke £20 +150 carts C Durkin D Park G Pendleton G Robinson

B 1st C Pugh Summit Gun 2nd M Grigg £100 +250 carts 3rd S Davis ££80 + 250 carts 4th M Allen £50 + 250 carts L Mortimer 6th S Dale 250 carts T Whittick 250 carts

C 1st M Smith Summit Gun 2nd W Evans £100+250 carts 3rd R Clayton £80+250 carts 4th S Dooley £80+250 carts 5th M Willetts £40+250 carts 6th C Noble 150 carts A Hawkins P Morewood


1st J White 650 carts 2nd J Cartwright 125 carts H Gibson

Juniors 1st J Bennion 750carts 2nd B Woollard 250 carts


1st M Rouse 750 carts 2nd G Stirzaker 250 carts

Pool shoot

Sat P Batchelor £100 25 x25

Sun J Bowling £35 24x25 C Childerhouse S Barnett S Green

Please note all Gun winners please contact me on private message or email me with your contact details and we will arrange for guns to be collected.

All other prize money and cartridges can be collected off us this Sunday at Garlands or contact me if you wish the cash to be sent

The shoot this weekend was not a registered event , Cpsa had it listed by our mistake

Thankyou for all your support and all the incredible comments we have received about the shoot

We are back at Garlands this coming Sunday with a 100 reg sporting and open there Thursday Friday and Saturday this week for practice

Many thanks

Steve & The Team


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