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Bookings Open!

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Hi Everyone, we hope everyone is keeping safe and well.

We have decided to open bookings for the following shoots:

March 7th - Garlands 100 Reg Sporting 14th - Westfield 100 Reg Sporting 18th - Garlands 100 Reg Sporting (limited squads) 27th & 28th - Garlands 100 Reg Fitasc & West Mids Intercounty Champs (open to everyone) 28th - Westfield 100 Reg Sporting

May 22nd & 23rd - Westfield The Cotswold Cup - 150 Fitasc (Shoot either day) see attached poster for prize details

June 12th & 13th - Garlands Anglo Italian Arms Grand Prix 200 Sporting - shot on 1 day over 2 courses (see attached poster for full details) *Can be shot with any gun*

As mentioned in the attached video from Louisa, please send all bookings via the booking form on the website or via the text line 07394 227186.

The first lot of bookings will be processed tomorrow morning.

Thanks and best wishes Steve & The Team


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