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Garlands 100 Bird Structured Practice Results & Details of Westfield Sporting & Fitasc Shoot.

A very hot and really successful day at Garlands with our 100 sporting structured practice shoot.

Please find a link below to the full scores.

Thank you to everyone who attended and followed the guidelines we have worked hard to put in place, this system works brilliantly for sporting clays , I still say it’s the safest way to shoot at the moment as you are only handling your own kit.

We are now looking ahead to Westfield next Sunday for the same format and system.


Also at Westfield next Saturday and Sunday we will be running a 100 bird Fitasc shoot, shot over 4x 25 bird layouts, the ref will carry the cards all through the shoot so safety again is paramount and as Westfield has such a lot of space we can easily social distance the squad of 6 six shooters around the shooting position with no target sight lost whatsoever.

Squads will start at 9.00 am and 1.30 pm , we will shoot 50 targets then have a break then shoot the remaining 50 targets , as we did through the last winter time.

You can shoot either day or actually shoot both shoots on the Sunday if you want to make traveling a distance worthwhile.

Please let me know either via Facebook, email or text to book in. 07342338390.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Steve & The team


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