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A good day at Westfield today, all but a little hot and sticky.

Some great shooting on display , Chris Biddlecombe shooting a brilliant 97 to take high gun

Full scores below:

Update on score cards.

Now we are moving forwards I am reverting back to using the old card system , all the cards will be stapled together in the squad and waiting on stand one for you all to start.

Then one person in that squad will be in charge in carrying them around to all the stands , full sanitizer will be available on each stand to clean your hands if need be, this way now you will all know what you’ve shot as you finish the course, please can I ask you do not separate the cards from the squad bundle as this leads to cards being lost.

Places still available for next weeks 200 bird big prize money shoot at Westfield, let me know if you wish to shoot this, this will be shot in a squad of five or max six people.

Thanks and best wishes Steve & The Team


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