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Garlands Results

That was a day and a half, arrived at Garlands like normal around 7am, started to look at all the stands for final tweaks, only to find we had several batteries stolen the night before ..... so we borrowed all what we could off Garlands own ground and then a quick trip to Halford’s for Harry and Abbey .

We got the shoot started, then about three squads in things were not quite right with my remotes on stands and then had six stands all stop at once with what I can only imagine was radio wave interference in the atmosphere.

So with a lot of hard work from Charlie and Harry we got up and running again to entertain around 225 shooters by the end off the day.

I sincerely apologise if your day this morning got interrupted by the issues we encountered.

A great atmosphere overall with some superb comments and shooting on display.

Main talking point, I think, Lovatt put on two clays within 10 yards of the shooter, and we couldn’t hit em 😂😂

Many thanks each and everyone of you, we look forward to seeing you all at Westfield and Oakedge next week.

Links to full scores below.

Best wishes Steve and the Team


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